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I’ll always love you

Forever. Honestly you are my first true love the first person I devoted countless days and weeks to. Just too try to make you mine. Over the 2 years or 3 idk you’ve become everything to me my world my Bestfriend you are my girl in my head cause everything we do is exactly what a couple would do. I know right now it isn’t going exactly as the way we planned but I can only hope and try to fix it and make it better. Because like you said losing me would be your nightmare losing you fully and all the way to me would crush me it’d take me forever to be able to get back up. It took me a long time to make you happier to make you “you” i don’t wanna see you go back because you mean the world to me and seeing you cry or be sad or anything has an effect on me and on us. Anything that happens take a toll on us and for some reason we take it the hardest. I love you, I love you with all my heart I’ll always love you no matter what